During my freshman year I took a video class in order to complete my art credit. What ended up happening is that I fell in love with videography. Since then I have put together numerous videos and films that have been ranked at local and national level. I have unofficially been recruited as the team videographer for the Cross Country and Track Teams, which explains the amount of running related videos posted. This is just a small sampling of the videos I've done, enjoy!

The Elevator Men


This video was my submission for the 2010 TSA Video competition. The Elevator Men was an actual band, but the storyline of this video are fictitious.

State Track Video


This was my first trip to state for Track & Field in 2010 (as an alternate, no running for me), and I decided to make this video out of the footage I got. This was shown along with my district video at the Track Banquet.

Last Love


This video was part of a team "On Demand Video" competition. The prompt was to make a one minute video in two days, using a watch, the American Cancer Society logo, and the line "You can't process me with a normal brain." We had a lot of fun making this, and plan on competing again next year.

Boy's Cross Country 2010


This is the video I made for the boy's cross country team when we made it to state in 2010. I enjoyed working with this music, and I had a lot of fun filming as well as editing this video.

Explanation Video For an Unusual Phenomenon


This was a video I made to present to my calculus class to help explain the practical application of the integral of 1/x. This video was definitely a challenge due to a very shrot time limit.

Track Districts Video


This is the video I made for our team as a companion to the above track state video. I set myself the goal of including as many people as I could, and I ended up getting everyone who competed at these two meets in at least one shot. The worst part was trying to coordinate who would film while I was running. That was quite a hassle.

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