School Work

The school is always changing,
it never stays the same.
The workers always building;
the students change their minds.
The teachers work to help,
and the parents help them work.

The builders go to work,
while their simple jobs are changing.
They never ask for help,
for work is never the same.
They have to use their minds
to finish up their building.

The students in the building,
they really hate their work.
They stretch and strain their minds,
their opinions never changing,
while clothing is never the same.
They never think they need help.

Teachers always want to help,
to get their pupil's minds to building.
To split them away from the same;
to make them enjoy their work.
So their peers are always changing
The methods of each other's minds.

The student's parents never mind
if their children need their help,
for their student's workload's ever changing,
and their mental need is building.
Tragic addition of extra work.
At home it never is the same.

The building never stays the same,
always morphing out of mind.
The workers always do their work,
the askers ask, the helpers help.
Working on the central building,
always moving, always changing.

Our views are changing, holding our minds.
The methods the same, no-one will help.
Trapped in a building, all men must work.

Copyright 2011 | Sam Zimmerman |

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