The Story of Rodney

Rodney is a rock.
Rodney has always been a rock.

Rodney starts his day as a rock,
doing rocky things,
like rolling,
and sitting,
and falling,
and staring.

Rodney has lived for over 2 billion years.
He has gotten a little bored.

Rodney has seen The Ice Age
The Stone Age,
The Dinosaurs,
and everything in-between.

He’s seen it all, and then some more.

Rodney doesn’t want to be a rock anymore.

One day Rodney thought,

“Why am I a rock?

“Was I meant to be something else,
and it was all just a mistake?

“Was I supposed to be an antelope?
Or a pink flamingo?

“Am I destined for destruction?
Maybe smashed to make a building.

“Or carved up in chunks for tabletops.

“Or crushed to gravel for pathways.

“Why is it so hard, being a rock?”

Rodney sat, and thought,
for almost twenty years.

“You know,” he said at last,
“being crushed up wouldn’t be so bad.

“you’d get to see the world.
Can you imagine having one part of you in Paris,
and the other part in Nepal?
He closed his eyes and smiled.

“Monuments are pretty cool too.
Look at Geoffrey, he got turned into Mt. Rushmore.
Now every day people look at him and say
‘Now there’s an impressive rock.’”

So Rodney was contented.
He knew that whatever his fate,
he couldn’t change it.

Whatever it was,
Rodney just hoped that it would be good.
That day, a seed fell on Rodney, and grew into a flower.

Copyright 2011 | Sam Zimmerman |

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