Ode to a Peach

I saw a peach,
upon a tree.
Up quite high,
a fruit I see.

A perfect globe,
so small and round,
that I cannot reach,
from on the ground.

I wish you'd grown
a little lower,
so I could reach
and take my peach.

I begin to climb,
this holy tree,
each branch a rung,
in this ladder for me.

Upon a branch,
I sit and stretch.
So far away,
I still can't reach.

Out to you
I slink and crawl,
but soon my branch
begins to fall.

Down I crash
unto the earth.
Bruised and hurt
I give up hope.

But as I turn
to walk away,
you swing and sway
and start to fall.

As you descend,
my lovely peach,
I try to catch,
but I can't reach.

I stare down upon your form,
your shape I can't forget.
I realize now that what I have
Is all I'll ever get.

Copyright 2011 | Sam Zimmerman | marylouz.com

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