Joshua 6

I stopped. A quick glance in either direction told me no-one was coming. I stepped into the dark street.
The warm pavement beneath me pulsed with a latent energy, as if my feet had become the stethoscope to the city’s lifeblood. The impenetrable darkness ahead of me flowed seamlessly, jabbing and creeping in an attempt to break the feeble vigil of the lamp-posts. I plunged ahead nevertheless, under an almost quixotic spell, flying into the night.
My heavily beating heart pulsed out of my chest. Soon I began to start leaving myself behind, becoming someone new, someone frozen in the raw, unadulterated essence of the night. A solitary shadow, that melted seamlessly into the hall of Nyx. Selene my only companion, and Diana my guide. I hunted the air before me, ceaselessly, endlessly.
Eventually my reverie ended. I stood beside a brick building, carpeted in ivy and dripping with age. I could go no further. Leaning against the wall, I was alone. The night saw my vulnerability, and began to creep closer.
I was afraid.
The night touched me I shouted and shouted the sound rang across the walls and down the road I ran and ran and ran the night was in my head the fear the-terror-the-crashing-panic-screaming-flight-fear.
It stopped.
I felt the ground beneath my feet.
The night had fled. I regained my breathing and continued. It was 2 am, I was alive.

Copyright 2011 | Sam Zimmerman |

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