The Adventures of two daring (or should we say foolhardy) explorers; who take to the open road with a motor home, a map, and Sam and Sarah age 4 and 2. A 10 week odyssey, from Washington to Massachusetts, through the heartland of the US, and returning through the beautiful wilderness of Canada.

Latest News...

7/26/98 - Final Upload of all pictures. We're home and we're back to normal life in our "house that doesn't move." Thanks for taking this journey with us.

7/16/98 - Captain's logs now updated through 7/15.

7/13/98 - Updated some Daily Photo pages thru June 30th.

7/10/98 - Finally got a Cellular signal again (in this Canadian Wilderness) so I uploaded Captain's Logs through YESTERDAY !!!! The Daily Photos are still behind. Sorry.

7/3/98 - After watching the FIREWORKS over Niagara Falls, I've updated the Captain's Logs and Daily Photos up to June 21st.

6/29/98 - The captain's logs and Daily Photos have been updated to June 19th as well as the itinerary. Also check out the GOLF coverage from the Billy and Kevin Golf Weekend.


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