Travel Tested Toddler Toys

HomeMade Toys

Green Notebook

I cut the Hidden Picture pages and Game Pages from Sesame Street Magazine, put them in plastic page protectors, and covered the game pieces with clear contact paper. All the pages were gathered in a green looseleaf binder. This has also been very popular to bring to restaurants


Merit Badge Books

Inspired by an ad from Ford Motor Company, I designed scout-type merit badges for such activities as "rose-smelling", "canyon cruising", "moose meeting", and "sunsetting". These were printed out on 2"x4" labels. Each child received a blank spiral bound index card notebook. When an appropriate activity is enjoyed, the corresponding "merit badge" is stuck into the notebook, with a quick commentary on the activity.

Alphabet Flash Cards

By scanning in family photos, and pictures of favorite book and movie characters, I made a set of alphabet cards for Sam and Sarah. They were printed on 2.5" x 3.5" card stock, and then laminated.

Commercial Toys

Magnetic US Map- Child's Play Catalog


WonderBoards- Children's Garden, Silverdale, WA

Clingboards- Children's Garden, Silverdale, WA


Spell Time, Sum Time- Sensational Beginnings

Magnetic Alphabet Case- Sensational Beginnings

Write Start- Sensational Beginnings


Sesame Street Little Lessons- Learn and Play


No-Spill Bubble Tumblers- Target

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic- Target


Good Sources for travel toys:

Right Start Catalog- 1-800-LITTLE-1

Hearth Song- 1-800-325-2502

Chinaberry (books and other treasures for the entire family) 1-800-776-2242

One Step Ahead- 1-800-274-8440

Sensational Beginnings 1-800-444-2147

Learn and Play 1-800-247-6106