Date:	June 26, 1998

  This day was the HOTTEST and most humid day possible but that could not stop these fanatical golfers from their highly coveted Tee-time. Kevin was in superb form today and was unstoppable on the greens.

Not to be outdone, Billy shows the true depth of his golfing expertise. Showing his committment to the proper golf protocols, Billy chose the HOTTEST day of the year to walk the course carrying his clubs. The only cooling off that Kevin and I got was when Kevin floored the golf cart and we got a nice breeze. Even the cold water bottles we carried were useless since the water warmed up in minutes and we had to drink like fish to stay cool.


  Even though I haven't experienced Humidity like this in years, I still managed to play a good game. The relaxed attitude of having just spent the last 6 weeks on vacation certainly helped since my golf swing was steady and I played fairly well. Notice the straight left arm, great concentration, and cool-looking hat and shades...

 After a tough round on the links, the weary golfers enjoy some cool refreshment in the clubhouse. Before heading off to find some dinner for the equally tired wife and kids at home, we sat here to discuss the results of today's round, to give out pointers and suggestions to improve our game, and most importantly, to make plans for TOMORROW's round!!!


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